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Annie Smith
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Annie Smith

Snippets from my life ....

I live and work predominantly in Darfield and am fortunate to have a husband and three wonderful children - David and his wife Gabrielle and two grandchildren - Archer and Alfie (who are the light of my life at present), Ben and his partner Penny, no children yet, but am on notice that they would love one.

And last but definitely not least - Claire. We have a farm on the West Coast - Karamea, Rex is a teacher at Darfield High School, 10 years now, beginning to become a “local”. I started Real Estate 10 years ago and have not looked back. I believe that your life takes many journeys and you meet people who influence and colour your life along the way - how luck am I to have met such a colourful bouquet of individuals in my life. Your stories are inspiring, and your need to have your properties listed and sold has been a pleasure in my life. Whilst at times this might have been a wee bit stressful, overall, I have loved my Vendors and Purchasers with a passion, and consider myself indeed fortunate to love my job as much as I do.

Thank you for this opportunity to come into your life and the lives of you family, I trust you will enjoy the experience as much as I know I will. Life is too short not to laugh along the way, and believe me, you will do just that.

Again, Thank you!
T: 03 313 8829
M: 027 202 8155
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